In an effort to help our great planet we offer many GREEN PRODUCTS !

  • Nellie's is a wonderful phosphate free, mostly scent free product line of cleaners that are all natural.  The product is manufactured in Canada with many green production practices. Items include: dryer balls (2 styles), dish washer soap, laundry soap and brightener.

  • Caldrea is produced right here in Minnesota and is as close to luxury as you can get while cleaning.  Fabulous scents are easy to enjoy in hand soap, dish soap, laundry soap and softener, countertop cleanser, lotion, stainless steel cleaner, linen spray and more products.  These products can actually make household chores more enjoyable.

  • EnV bags are nylon reusable totes and are self contained when not in use.  Cut down on plastic and paper bags when shopping and invest in some of our reusable bag choices.

  • Kiss My Face could be one of the nicest things you could do for yourself.  This organic line of beauty products has just too many products to mention. We can tell you that the hand and foot lotions, soaps and facial care products are second to none.

  • Archipelago is a very rich and luxurous way to treat yourself. There are several lines from this company and each one offers unique qualities. The milk line, mint line and soy/oat lines are all great and are even made in the USA

  • Wood Wick offers a great line of vegetable wax candles are we are excited to offer these products. They have candles and reed diffusers and in different scents than their regular line of scented products

  • Green cleaning cloths. Clean with just water and these wonderful cloths. There are special cloths for glass, bathrooms, and kitchens. Try them, you will be hooked.

We are adding GREEN PRODUCTS often and hope to keep finding unique and often used products with green appeal.